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What They Say



An Excerpt From the Foreword

“The book you hold in your hand will rock your world. If you have experienced any kind of loss or hurt, you will be touched. If you’ve experienced the death of a loved one, a divorce, or a loss of any kind, you will discover your own healing through the journey of my dear friend, Paula.

As I sit here with mascara running down my face, I am blessed to have read and done the work in this book. What started out as a favor to an amazing woman, student, and friend, turned into one of the greatest healing processes I could ask for.

Susie Carder, The Profit Coach, Bestselling Author of Power Your Profits

Vulnerable, Honest, Compassionate, Powerful...
“…and loaded with pathways for becoming whole again. Thank you, Paula for voicing your magnificent self. We needed this.”
Virenia (Nia) Peeples, Singer, Actress, Founder of Human Harmonics
If you are experiencing loss, this is a MUST READ

“It stirs you up from the inside out and invites you to shift perspectives. Through Paula’s vulnerable journey of the death of her love, Gary, she shares her experience of surviving his loss, and learning how to thrive… hour by hour, day by day.

The insights gleaned from their lives and how Paula entwines Gary’s words throughout, makes you feel you know them and that you too can heal from intense pain. Truly an example of LOVE expressed.”

Sunny Dawn Johnston, Psychic Medium & best-selling author of The Love Never Ends
Grieving losses, large and small, Are part of life

How we grieve determines the quality of our life. In this poignant tale of loss, Paula shares her heart and soul and reminds us there are always gifts within grief if we wish to see them.

She weaves wisdom and warmth into the fabric of every page, and lovingly wraps the reader in a blanket of hope and courage. You will never quite look at loss the same way again.”

Gina Hatzis, Speaker, Author & Too Much Woman Movement Founder

Kind Words & Stories

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and organizations over the course of my career. Here are a few kind words from past employers and clients have to say about our work togethger.
This book is so inspiring...

“Not only to learn more about how Paula Meyer navigated through the grief of care-giving with a busy work life, but also the reflections of Gary's journey with throat cancer. Their journey together even in death - does not do them apart.

Their spiritual journey is heightened through Paula bringing this expression into fruition for the both of them. Life doesn't always go to plan, but this book gives great honor to this beautiful love story and teaches us that great loss can teach us the depth of a greater spiritual love.

I love the practical exercises at the end of each chapter that helped me get in touch with my body & process emotions to make room for new energy. Thank you for sharing these tools to help many people. Your story and wisdom are a gem."

Allison V. - Canada
I loved this book

“It was so inspiring how Paula Meyer shares the most grief stricken moments of her journey with compassion towards herself and others and never from a place of victimhood.

Whenever she felt heartbroken or powerless, she was still able to find a lesson. Her courage is truly inspiring!”

Daniela D. – Rome, Italy
Thank you Paula Meyer!

Paula Meyer’s story should be a reminder to all men and women of the possibilities that exist for them despite a great loss. Her story is truly remarkable, and I highly enjoyed reading it.”

Ethan C. – Canada
Such Great Care

"Paula Meyer, thank YOU! You all took care of us so well, more than any event I have ever been to. At every turn we were supported in so many big and little ways! Your staff was amazing!”

Beth A. - Seattle Retreat Participant

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