Travels – Great Loss, Greater Love
Pearls of Wisdom

Gary Shares

When Paula let go of her old life with Gary and created her new life without Gary, she began a year of travel. She took along Gary’s journal, a beautiful leather bound journal with a dragonfly that she had bought for him when she was in London.

He only used the first 32 pages, but within these pages she found some inspiring words of love & inspiration that he wrote to himself during his battle with cancer.

His words have helped her to mirror the loss of him, as he wrote to encourage himself about the loss of his health.

To take comfort and courage in his words, and to support her in accepting his absence and moving forward into a new life without him.

Paula's Travels

During Paula’s travels, she looks for these three things every day:

Something to be grateful for

Something to laugh about

Something divine

Coming Soon

Travel Tips, Pet Peeves & Faux Paula's

As Paula travels around the world, she will share some great travel tips with you!

Learn what pushes Paula’s travel buttons!

Experience travel humor at its best with Paula’s many travel faux pas’, as she navigates new cultures, people, and places!

Elevated States of America

During these challenging times, while dealing with COVID-19, worldwide social unrest, the loss of Notorious RBG, and the USA election, Paula thought it would be fun to host a virtual tour through the 56 US states and territories.

For two reasons: first to have some fun every day with these short videos and give our minds some respite from the craziness; and second to remind everyone what an amazing and beautiful country the USA is!

We started on Sept 7 and finished on Nov 1. All the videos are on YouTube, so you can start the tour now and catch up later! Enjoy the adventure!

Click on the image to access Paula’s YouTube Elevated States of America playlist.

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