Ordinary Oneness – Great Loss, Greater Love

Ordinary Oneness




The Simplicity of Everyday Love, Grace and Hope

Our minds can repeat things over and over while also thinking about something else. Our brain is accustomed to linear and logical learning, which makes it feel in control. When it feels in control, it becomes comfortable and then tunes out!


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When our affirmations are done in this fashion, the brain excels at the repetition and when we don’t push our body to “feel into it.” The brain relaxes and quickly tunes out. Can you see why this might be happening with your affirmation practice?

Ordinary moments occur all the time, and we often overlook them because they don’t stand out. But everyday experiences offer significant gifts. As we notice them, they increase. It’s wondrous to realize that we don’t need to work hard to receive a sign. Miracles abound as we slow down, and what follows is peace. This book helps you recognize those tiny magical wonders so that you readily witness more possibilities in your life.

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