Guided Meditations to Soothe Loss – Great Loss, Greater Love

Guided Meditations to Soothe Loss


Blossom From Loss
Guided Meditations to Soothe Loss

By Paula Meyer

Begin these mediations in a quiet place, where you are safe and comfortable. Each meditation begins with short instructions and then you will be guided through a beautiful medley of music and words to support you on your grief journey.

Allow yourself to feel anything that comes up during the meditation and be open to any instructions it may have for you. We move through our grief more easily when we feel the feeling, honor the feeling, ask for support, and be open to receive.

Meditation #1

Just a Thought Away: Connect with Your Loved One

This meditation will help you to connect with your loved one who has passed. Regardless if it was recent or long ago, you can always connect with them. I created this meditation to help me replace the images I had in my mind of my husband Gary, at the end of his life.

I wanted to remember him as the vibrant, beautiful man that he was, rather than the emaciated and aged body that the cancer had ravaged. This meditation allows you to see your loved one in all their glory, and to have a wonderful conversation with them. You can use this mediation anytime you want to connect with your loved one.

Meditation #2

Easing Life’s Losses: Embody Your Inner Child

This meditation can be used to support you with any loss that you are experiencing in your life, such as divorce, health challenges, family & community struggles, job & career uncertainty, pandemic hardships, or any other experience that brings grief into your life.

You will connect with your inner child, that part of you that is ever present, always curious, and forever ready to create a fun and inspiring journey with you! You can use this meditation any time you are grieving the loss of anything.

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