Angels of Love – Memorial Candles – Great Loss, Greater Love

Angels of Love – Memorial Candles




‘Angels of Love’ memorial candles by HoneyHeart Co. were created to support those that have lost a loved one. Hand-crafted individually by Allison Voth with 100% beeswax these are unique all-natural memorial gifts.

Bee an Angel in someone’s life by gifting them with a token they can keep as a beautiful reminder of their beloved, or burn to release the light as a celebration of life. Angels measure 4 x 3 inches.

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Paula recently became an honorary Queen Bee with Allison Voth of HoneyHeartCo. in 2020. Celebrating friendship, connection and honouring spirit we created a collective memorial beehive in honour of Gary (Paula’s husband) and Larry (Allison’s Dad). We decided that grief can be sweet and life is good after loss because we share their love as our legacy.

Life’s Good became the calling card engraved on the plaque of the beehive, born from the synchronicity between Larry and Gary. LG being Larry’s initials (Larry George Voth) and Life’s Good being the slogan on Gary’s favorite hat. Add inspiration from spirit to the mix and you have the beginnings of a beautiful story.

The memorial beehive is located at Heritage Gardens cemetery in South Surrey BC Canada. Your Angel of Love memorial candle is hand-crafted by Queen Bee Allison to honour your beloved. Your purchase supports the beehive for generations to enjoy the honey.

You also have the option to submit a name with receipt of purchase to the HoneyHeart Hive Honour roll. Email

Thank You & Be blessed 💛

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