Altruistic Alchemy In Action – Great Loss, Greater Love
Altruistic Alchemy

In Action!

I had this amazing experience of seemingly creating money out of thin air, and it happened in a way that I didn’t expect.

Back in 2012, I had been remarried for many years and was raising two children from my first marriage with my current husband. We had been struggling financially due to my ex-husband’s failure to pay child support for many months, to the tune of about $12,000. I did everything I could to get him to pay and finally I had to just resign myself to the fact that it was never going to happen and instead stewed in the anger and bitterness about the unfairness of life.

At the time, I was working for an author who taught about mind over matter and how your thoughts create your reality. I knew the truth of my powers of creation, but my emotional addiction to being angry and bitter at my ex-husband for failing to pay was no match for the knowledge of my true power. I tried positive affirmations by sending love to my ex, forgiving my ex, forgiving myself, but nothing worked to unlock the chains that held this reality together.

One weekend, we were in beautiful Vancouver Canada hosting a workshop at the University of British Columbia which my boss taught. It was an advanced meditation workshop and usually during these types of workshops, the staff doesn’t participate in the meditations, rather we hold the space in the room for our attendees and made sure everyone was comfortable and safe. On the last day, which was Sunday, my boss graciously suggested that I participate in the meditation so that I could experience the power of group meditation. The group we worked with was experienced in meditation and mindfulness and given that I know many of the people well, I thoroughly enjoyed supporting them throughout the workshop. So, I found a place to sit within the group and began.

When the meditation started, I was grateful for the gift of being with these people, and rather than focusing my attention on myself and something I needed to improve on, I chose to just ask the Universe for abundance for everyone in the room. I am not a very visual person, so I don’t see vivid colors and “real life” images when I visualize in my mind, but what I did see in my mind’s eye was like looking at the sun rise in a cloudless sky, and everything was tinged with gold. It was a beautiful, simple, and calming image and I just kept requesting abundance for all. When the meditation ended, I felt calm, happy, and golden!

When the workshop was over, we packed everything up and said our goodbyes to our amazing organizers. My boss and I began the long drive back home from Vancouver, Canada to Rainier, WA which was about a 5-hour drive. While driving back home, I got a call from my husband telling me that our small website business was going crazy with orders due to an ad campaign we ran, and he asked me if he should shut it down. I laughed and said no, let’s see how many we would get. I was excited to get home and jump on my computer to see what kind of craziness was happening! To my surprise and amazement, we received over $10,000 in orders that day!

On Monday, I went back to work at the office and began my usual busy post-event week, playing catch up with emails and projects that had taken a back seat to the event preparations for Vancouver. On Tuesday, I received a phone call from my child support case manager with some incredible news that my ex-husband had paid off his entire amount owed for child support! She said I would see that in my bank account in the next few days. I laughed and said, “I’ll believe it when I see it in my account!”. I was very skeptical, but hopeful and guess what? The money showed up in my account a few days later!

Amazingly, in a span of 48 hours, from the time of that meditation on Sunday until that call on Tuesday, I received a total of over $22,000!

My boss wrote about it in one of his books in which he explained that when I chose to ask for the greater good of everyone rather than myself, that released the energy between my ex-husband and me, so that this exact energy could then be used to create a new reality where we were both free from the negative energy that was supporting, endorsing, and keeping the negative situation in place.

He and many others in his field have also learned that when you use your energy to support others in the form of healing groups, intention groups, or prayer groups, the altruistic act of giving your healing energy to others has a rebound effect on those that are giving it! There are so many fascinating stories about healers who heal themselves in this way if they participate in these kinds of groups.

Years later, I had a much better understanding on how that happened during my meditation experience in 2012. Even though this wasn’t exactly a group healing meditation, we were in a large group of people who were all meditating for the good of themselves or others. My simple altruistic act of sending my energy to all in the room for their abundance in turn created abundance for me! And I didn’t have to beg, weep, or attempt to negotiate with the Universe!

What a fun and lucrative two days!

Remember, we all have this ability to create! Give it a try!

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