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I Rise Above
W e are living in tumultuous times! And that’s an understatement! 2020 was such a challenging, frustrating, and crazy year!

Paula shares insights on how she tends to her inner garden of the mind.



To serve others and yourself in harmony, you must give from an overflowing well of energy and love. Our bodies are tuning forks to the subconscious. If we listen, we will hear what we need to focus on and receive insights into our… Read more
I had this amazing experience of seemingly creating money out of thin air, and it happened in a way that I didn’t expect. Back in 2012, I had been remarried for many years and was raising two children from my first marriage with my current… Read more
I became a widow on June 1, 2018, at 54. I knew it was coming. My husband Gary, 62, was winding down a courageous battle with throat cancer, yet his death was still a shock. I hadn’t planned for this. I assumed we would live into a… Read more
Watching someone slowly die before your eyes is one of the most painful things to witness. My husband Gary passed on June 1, 2018 after a long battle with cancer. He didn’t have much time to “age gracefully,” in fact the… Read more
I was thinking about affirmations the other day, and why they don’t always work. I have certainly been guilty of going through my daily affirmations without really caring about them. I realized that most of the time, I give it a half-assed effort… Read more
I love traveling, I love organizing events, and I love meeting new people and new cultures! For nearly 12 years, I worked for Dr. Joe Dispenza as his event director and organized amazing events for him. I learned so much, met… Read more
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